Trainer feedback fails in feed view on some feeds

So here is the setup. On only some feeds, the feedback and actions taken by the trainer options in the feed view are failing. Its hard to describe so I took some screenshots. Remember this is feed specific and I’m not sure what it is about the feeds that causes this to start. I can say though that once this issue affects a particular feed then it doesn’t ever stop. So, some breakdown:

Here is a screenshot of an article in my lifehacker feed.

Its a heavily trained feed. What i was attempting to do was click the politics tag twice to thumb it down. What I can visually see happen is nothing. The tag stays gray and gives no feedback that anything has happened.

Now, If we open the trainer, you can see that in fact the tag has gotten a thumbs up.

In this view I could click that tag and have it react as expected. The buggy behavior is only on some feeds and only in the view shown in the first screenshot. I’m not sure what else to provide as support for the issue but I will get whatever else is needed to get the bug nailed down.

Thanks much,

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Nicely done, with your incredible writeup I was able to track it down in minutes and get a fix out. Reload NewsBlur and you should never see an issue like that again. Let me know if that’s still not the case.

Feels good to help track down those bugs!

It works like a champ now Samuel. You rock.