Train feeds based on sharing user.


Currently we can train our feed based on what site authored / posted an article, but not based on what user shared the post. We currently have the option to essentially thumbs up train our feed based on user by subscribing to their blur blog, we have no way of thumbs down excluding users from the Global Shared Stories feed. It would be a nice expansion of capability. Thanks!


Yes, this would be a great addition. Problem I see left is how to make it easy to train from the trainer dialog. Would you have to be following the sharing user to see them listed? Is it a search box, or just a listing of every single user who has shared from that feed? That could be a huge list.

Every thing we add to this list of complications means it’s less likely this will be built unless I have a large number of votes pushing it to a higher priority than the other features I’m working on. If we can answer these questions about interface, it’s more likely to happen, as I can easily insert the new training criteria in with the other four (title, author, tag, publisher).

Hmm, excellent point. I hadn’t considered that many stories showing up in the Global Shared Stories feed are shared by multiple users. Mostly because pretty much any time I’d like to block things shared by a user, it’s exclusively a story shared by only one user. For my purposes I’d be fine with only listing the *first* user who shared a story, but I can see that being problematic.

Maybe it would make more sense to put the capability to ignore specific blurblogs into the Friends & Followers dialog - Find Friends / I’m Following / Following me / I’m Ignoring and then just require the user to do a search or explicitly type in the name of the blurblog they’d like to filter out. It doesn’t really need to be something that’s super easy to do - there’s far more people who regularly link great content then there are people who regularly share their own blog posts / forward the contents of their twitter feed / etc.

I also wish get satisfaction allowed us to put in priority rankings for requests - I should be clear that this is completely a low-priority request and can go at the very end of your no doubt long list of things to do.

You should be able to accomplish what you want. Open the user’s blurblog, right-click on that feed, then go to the trainer. You can train directly on user’s blurblogs. It’s just not exposed at the story level.

Ah, ok! Sorry for wasting your time then.

No problem at all. I’m glad I found that this functionality already exists. It’s just super hidden, forcing you to go to the user’s blurblog before you’re allowed to train on their data. I should expose that through the profile.

Interesting addendum, and *might* also be a bug report:

It appears that when browsing globally shared stories, I *think* I also see stories shared by users who’s feeds are set to be private:

That have comments on them which are also private. I can’t see the username of the user who shared the original post, and I cannot see the comment shared by the commenter, but I *can* see the post itself, and the user name of the commenter. If I click on the commenter I see:

And if I go to their blurblog to make an exclusion, I get:

I am *guessing* that what is actually happening here is that I’m seeing posts that are supposed to be private in my Global Shared Stories feed?

It also could be some weird combination of public comment on a private post or the other way around…