Total count in title is accurate but articles don't show up

Right now my NewsBlur window title has 664 in it indicating that there are indeed unread feeds (it’s been going up throughout the day), however in the feed list on the left, none of my folders or sites show any unread count. Clicking on an individual site results in no articles appearing in any form anywhere. I’ve tried different browsers, different machines, and even private modes to rule out cookies and none of that seems to have fixed anything.

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Whoops, somehow the intelligence filter got bumped up to green. I must have accidentally hit the hot key without realizing it. Problem solved!

You bring up an interesting point, though. There are a number of times I can tell a user has inadvertently upped the intelligence to green, but they haven’t trained any stories, so everything is hidden under yellow.

I attacked this problem by adding a “Show X hidden stories” button to the story titles pane, but that only shows up when there are unread stories in the feed you’re reading. It’s quite a bit tougher in just the site sidebar. I show the total unread counts at the top of the site sidebar, but that may not be enough.

You’re not even close to the only person to stumble across this somewhat broken UI design I made. I’m always trying to figure out better ways to show that there are a number of stories hidden beneath your threshold.

An alternative principle I should make is that reds should be treated differently than yellows. Right now, if you’re on green, yellows are just as hidden as reds. In fact, that probably shouldn’t be the case at all. Yellows should be strongly hinted at. I’m going to continue thinking in this direction.