Tools for organizing saved stories.

Having tools to organize saved stories would be fantastic. This could be tags, or my personal favorite - sublists (if saved stories itself is to be conceptualized as a list). Would be happy to collaborate on this idea.


yes! awesome idea!

I am literally building this as we speak. Stay tuned.


Sam, I…I think I love you.

As I moved off greader, I realized I had like 2.8k saved items stretching back 6 years … if I read 1 a day it’ll take 11 years to catch up (though a lot of the links have bitrotted, I’m sure). So my goal now is to keep saved items below 50, at all times. I don’t know that I *want* tools to encourage me to organize a whole lot of them! :wink: I kid I kid, anything to help process information backlog is welcome.

thank you sam!

i had another saved-items-related query a little while back:…

any chance the work you’re doing could overlap with that?