too many feeds

Hi, On my account it says I have 86 feeds whereas I just think I have 30.
Can you check whats gone wrong. could I accidentally have imported the sites twice?
please help

br michael

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Go to Manage > Choose Your 64 and you’ll see the feeds.

But that’s the problem. I have just 30 feeds. But it says that I have 86. As of now I can just choose 25 my remaining 5 is disabled and it says that it has “autoselected 64 out of 86”

Still I can just see 30 feeds in the program. Something must have been messed up in the feed

go to preferences->feeds, select “all stories”. You probably have it set to only show unread feeds.

No. Show all stories.
Samuel, feel free to look at my account so you can see what I mean

Hi Samuel,

If you can’t find the error maybe I can reset the feed so I can start with a clean slate.
Is there a way to reset the feed or do I have to delete the feed one by one by hand?

account->delete all of my sites