Too few stories load in Text view when scrolling to the bottom

When in text view (on the redesign, at least), scrolling to the bottom of the list loads the next 12-ish stories. This is way too few, if one is just skimming through the page.

I’d suggest: loading the next page before you actually hit the bottom of the window, so there’s never a noticeable stop. Also, scale the number of stories loaded based on window size so that hitting page-down would always display an entire new set of stories.


Happens in Feed view as well. From what I can tell, it does start loading a little before you hit the bottom.

However, I do find myself hitting the bottom and waiting A LOT. It’s probably my main annoyance with newsblur right now. I was hesitating from complaining yet because I know a lot of it has to do with the scaling issue Newsblur is currently facing.

But I would agree, causing it to load earlier and loading a few more items at a time would probably help tremendously. But it might increase the load the site faces right now…

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