Timeout (505) error for a RSS feed

The RSS feed at:


continually gets a " Timeout (505)" error, for months now. I checked it via the validator at:


and it comes back as valid (albeit with one warning).

A 505 error code is generated with a HTTP version is not supported, see:


Is that due to a setting or incompatibility at NewsBlur’s end, via it’s crawler? I can read the RSS feed with my browser, so it is viewable (as was the case with the validator).

Searching through the archives, it seems others have had this issue in the past, but it was due to very long RSS feeds that took more than 20 seconds to load/process. That’s not the case here, as it’s short, and is processed quickly by the W3C feed validator.

I’m about to launch a huge backend upgrade (python 2.7 to 3.8) and it will inevitably fix a bunch of issues like this. I think it’ll take me another month but once it launches and this is still happening, let me know. I have a feeling this upgrade will create a whole host of issues and I’ll finally be able to knock them out.

Will do. Thanks for the update.

Just to followup, the latest backend updates haven’t resolved this issue. The RSS feed still has a Timeout (505) error. They’ve since updated to HTTPS, so the current feed is at:


and I can load it fine in my browser, as well as the W3C feed validation service.