This new UI is UglY

I was hoping to get used to it, but it’s simply too bad.

It’s all gray, why the 1 color-only style after all?

I can barely see the saved flag in articles, and I can’t see at all in top panel which is the current article, on which all commands will apply to.

Also, when I move down articles, next one goes over and I get lost. Even if I reload it’s still not fixed, I have to move up and search for what I was reading.

Samuel, srsly. With all the fixes and improvements we need, why do you neglect what your customers are asking for and waste time making newsblur WORSE?!

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Another problem. When I get lost by the wacky move, I thought I could simply click on an article to make it the current one. Then I’d just move down and let top lost ones for later…

But I can’t. If I click an article, it’s not selected, another one is. I just noted it. So, as I can’t clearly see which article is selected, and when it goes down I lose what I was reading, and I can’t manually select one… well IDK what to do really. all that seems to work is reload the page, go top and restart…

Let’s see how many years we’ll take to get this fixed.

ok, so be it.

We all stayed in it because we believed it was good and hoped it to get better. But I see Samuel lacks project management skills and business skills to do it. Instead of making it better and growing, he wants his customers out. I’m happy I don’t need to ask for refund.

I said in some comparing articles that newsblur was the best, but now I see I was wrong. OSS sucks when it has no community and when its owner sees its users as enemies that should go away.

I just wanted to comment that I like the re-design. I have searched a lot for a web reader and NewsBlur so far for me is the best. There are others, but none have the various features in the right combination that I have found in NewsBlur.

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I think this is in a more useful direction: higher contrast would be nice. Say, three or so colour themes: light, dark, and high-contrast.

I’m not a low-vision user, but I do find that the new UI doesn’t have quite enough contrast for me. A few minor tweaks would make it easier on the eyes.

That said, the new UI is NOT unattractive. And it renders 100% correctly in Firefox, which the old one didn’t, quite. :slight_smile:

If you had read my other posts, you’d see me, and other ppl, saying we’d like to host it ourselves, but it’s kinda hard to setup. There was a guy trying and I asked him to make a tutorial if he was able to.

I also talked about the lack of a dev community. OS is useless if there’s only 1 person doing the job and he, as the owner, doesn’t create a dev community over the software. And yes, software owner needs to start it. If ppl will do it by themselves it will probably be a fork, like happened with LibreOffice and Joomla.

And finally, it’s not about just colors, sizes and Accessibility. It’s about behavior, JavaScript related. When I click an article, it’s not selected. When it moves articles down, selection doesn’t go to next article. It’s damn frustrating when we report bugs and owner, instead of thanking the help and fixing it, says it will remain bugged and asks us to move out. It’s frustrating to see dozens of ppl over more than 1 year pointing top wanted enhancements and owner developing it only for himself.

And yes, I already use a GreaseMonkey hack that enhances shortcuts.

Thanks for letting me clear your mind and make you smarter.

I thought a good UI should not distract you from the actual content, which is exactly what the grey buttons achieved.

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I loved the new design too. Keep the good job, Sam.


Totally love the new design! Some people complain about every little change done to a site. I used to work for a social network, I know :wink:

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I, too, was thrilled with the redesign. I loved using dev because of the design, so I’m glad that it was moved to production. Move in the right direction, if you ask me. I could see why people would like an option for more contrast, but they aren’t asking for a redesign or anything like that because it’s “ugly.”

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I also really like the redesign! I was using it on Dev for some time now, so it’s great to it go live for real.

Hikari, I’ve seen you respond in a few other threads and I’m going to kindly ask you to find another reader that suits you. It looks like NewsBlur does not fit your needs at all and you seem to take pleasure in stoking fires.


It’s open source, why not style it yourself and run your own instance? That’s precisely one of the benefits of Newsblur being OSS. You can’t complain that someone’s hosting a website for you and they’re running their own style on it, when Sam clearly gives the option to run your own instance.

If you don’t like it, after the new style’s been in place for a week (not even long enough to get used to it), then either style it yourself (cough, Stylish, cough), or run it yourself with your own style. There’s plenty of people on here that like how Sam’s doing things and how the site is performing.

My two cents.


Not to take away from the OP’s frustrations, but I really like the new UI. I was a habitual user of and was thrilled when it finally went live.

The UI could have better contrast, especially for the color blind, but I like the layout.



I love @Josh’s answer!

@Samuel, the design changes have been great. Part of what I love is that it isn’t just cookie-cutter Holo-style sameness, but it is clean and nice. I found all the colors distracting earlier, and it’s much easier to follow now.

The buttons and lines are a bit smallish on my iPad Mini, but that’s the Mini’s fault, and I do manage well. The website has gotten to be terrific. Improvements every time.

I tried Feedly for a while just because, and it was full of animated nonsense that looked like gee whiz but didn’t help me read.

This pre-Reader-demise paying customer is very happy. Please, don’t stop!


Love the redesign!