Third Up/Down Keyboard Shortcut Option

Can the new vertical scroll keyboard shortcut have a third option where once you’ve scrolled up or down past a story it then scrolls to the next story?

Just the addition of the scrolling alone is awesome. That’s been driving me crazy since I joined, but I think this might take it even further.

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Not sure how this feature would work. Are stories weighted or something?

I probably described what I’m suggesting badly by not giving enough information.

I browse the site using the Feed and List views, so I see just the headline unless I expand an entry out. Really, I’m suggesting merging both modes for a third mode when browsing in this type view. Right now, you can either have Up/Down scroll to the next/prev entry and expand it out, or have it go up or down the page regardless of if an entry is expanded or not. Could a third mode be intelligent enough to do both? Once I’ve scrolled past the end of an actual expanded entry, it expands the next entry and continues scrolling?

Sounds like a big chunk of work, which requires time I don’t have. If other users really want this, chime in.

Yeah, it probably is. Just thought I’d throw it out there.

If I get a chance, I’ll take a look at the source too, maybe I can help with it.