These are not the feeds I'm looking for...

Every few days when I log into the website on a computer I get a completely different set of news feeds that I never subscribed to. It is my account, but not my feeds - what’s going on???!!

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What’s your browser/OS? It’s possible your cookie is acting weird, so your getting the demo account’s feeds. (Check by logging out and hitting “Try NewsBlur” and seeing if those are the same feeds)

I also have this problem, if I hit refresh it will sometimes load my feeds but more often than not I have to logout then back in to get my feeds. I think there might be a bug with reading the cookie or a race condition somewhere seeing how sporadic it is…

What are both of your browsers and OSs? The answer, unfortunately, is that you should delete all your * cookies and it will magically work again. But you shouldn’t have to.

Hey Samuel, well at my customer site the browser is IE 8.0.6001.18702, but I have noticed the same thing on my home computer running latest version of chrome.

BTW, yes I know how much my life sucks having to use IE 8… :wink: