There's no confirmation on the change password box

And no reset password besides the mailto. Bad combo. I went and clubarmed my way through resetting it before realizing I was doing it and with no clue what it was changed to.

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It’s about efficiency. If folks see that there’s no verify password step, they type their password in with a bit more care in a bit less time. It’s the NewsBlur ethos – less work and less clutter.

Now, a working Forgot Password form is certainly called for, but it’s low on my priority list. I’m trying to crank out the mobile app and a bunch of customizations for the reader view.

See my problem is I only start paying attention about the third time I’m doing something, including typing my password in. It’s actually kind of incredible how forgiving the world is for that kind of behavior. But NewsBlur is a harsh mistress.

I’m also in favour of the verification box. I get the minimal angle but personally just see it as unnecessary loss of flexibility. It’s too different from ‘normal’ and it’s /basically/ a missing feature. In numbers, isn’t +3sec to all still better than +5mins to 5%?

Regarding forgotten pw, I kind of get why you don’t see it as high priority, but really shouldn’t accessing the site (1) and accessing the site without hassle (2) be way at the top of the priority list?

Much appreciative of your creation and your business model.

I have a Das Keyboard with no lettering printed on it. Fair enough calling me on reaping what I sow. Although the issue here was a cognitive mode error, in that I’m conditioned to expect typing a password twice to be the predicate to it being changed, so my half conscious mind didn’t expect it to happen .

As a point of reference, I get about one Forgot Password email link a week. Now, I have no clue how many people click the ‘Forgot Password’ link, see it’s an email, and just give up on NewsBlur. But my instinct tells me that it becomes a problem when I start letting those emails pile up more than once.

In other words, time spent fixing manually < time spent building automated forgot password recovery form. The former is around 10-15 minutes spent in total, and latter is probably around 2-3 hours (whenever I’m working with forms, my ability to quickly write good code goes to shit).

Instead of an extra confirmation field, read why password masking should be stopped.
And easily alleviate it with a »show password« checkbox.

I clicked the Forgot Password link and got the reset email sent to my registered email address. Once logged, the screen asked for my old password and if I need to create a new password. Now I don’t remember the Old password and that is why I clicked on the Forgot password link. How do I reset my password in this case?

You should be able to click the main link in the email. It should then take you to a dialog with the Old Password field greyed out. It’s possible that I just broke it last week (although only a couple Forgot Password links went out in that time). I just pushed a fix for it.

What’s your username? I’d be happy to re-send the email.

Thanks for the reply Samuel. I did try the link you emailed last week. I can see the Old Password field greyed out, but when I enter the password in the new password box and click on Save Changes, the button changes from Save Changes to Change what you like. There is no confirmation if the password changed.

Also when I log out and login again with the new password, it does not work.