the Skimm - Newsletter shows only when individually forwarded ?

The newsletter theSkimm appears correctly if sent individually to newsblur, not through my forwarding rule… although many others works perfectly!

Only  difference, when forwarded individually, there is at least one blank line before the newsletter?

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I have exactly the same problem as @Alain

I have set up several filters in GMail to forward items to my Newsletter folder in Newsblur.  Items I forward manually arrive OK but none of the items forwarded via the filter rules appear in Newsblur nor do they create a ‘bounce’ message from Newsblur’s mail server.  Even a vanilla filter (i.e. forward to Newsblur but leave original item unread in Inbox) does not work.  Forwarded items do not appear in the Sent Mail folder.

I think the problem may be GMail itself.  I have created equivalent Rules in MS Outlook 2016 and applied them to the IMAP folders in my Gmail mailbox.  Items forwarded by MS Outlook arrive in Newsblur OK and show in my GMail “Sent Mail” folder.  (Of course, forwarding will operate only when I have MS Outlook running on my PC.)

This new feature would be tremendously useful, if it worked!



Same problem here :frowning:

Ok, I just subscribed to it so let’s see if I can track it down.

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Finally got to the bottom of it. Looks like it wasn’t being scrubbed correctly. Tomorrow’s newsletter should now come in correctly.

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Thanks Samuel!

It now works perfectly! Thanks Samuel!

Hmm, I just checked, and I haven’t received any new entries in my newsletters folder. I just double checked the gmail filtering rule, and it looks correct. Any advice?


What’s your username? I can check the logs to confirm they’re coming in for you.


Yep, I can confirm you’re getting them. Did you move the site or train it? Hit ‘g’ and type ‘skimm’ on the web.

Yikes, looks like I muted it. Must have been when I first started and it wasn’t working. Sorry for the hassle! Thanks for the tip, didn’t know about the g shortkey.