The "Show changes revisions in stories" options somtimes causes duplication of images

I’ve seen it a lot where on some sites I constantly see stories where the images, the main story image in particular, is shown twice.

Today I finally got annoyed enough by this to look at the html for the story (I had look at the feed itself before but saw no problem there) doing so I noticed that one image was in side a ```

 tag while the duplicate was in a 
``` tag which of course are used to mark changes/revisions to stories.

Looking at the source for the images as well as where the links contain them were pointing the issues became rather obvious.

First image:
a href:
img src:

Second image:
a href:
img src:

See the problem? The site, in this case is using a CDN for their images and Newsblur's story fetching was served by different nodes at different times.

Would be nice if you could somehow fix this, the duplication can be rather annoying.

Suggestion for fix:
Ignore changes of subdomains for img src and a href (possibly ignore changes to domain altogether). Looking at a couple of sites where I usually have this problem the cause is the same, the subdomain for the link has changed to a different cdn# but the rest of the URL is of course the same since the content is the same on all CDN nodes.

((Oh, I also found while testing that changes to the Story changes option are only applied on a site refresh.))
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