The same item fetched over and over again/or just marked unread?

In one of the feeds ( I see the same story (…) popping as unread over and over again. It feels like every fetch (or may be every fetch after feed update) makes it “unread” again.

Constant déjà vu :frowning:


Observe the same item again.

What’s the story? I just subscribed to that feed and everything looks OK.…

The story:
* I’ve read an item (mentioned in the original message). It was marked unread.
* After some time: I see the same item as unread again.

Heh, I meant is it a specific story title or just any random story title?

Ohh, I see, you gave the story permalink. I just needed the story title.

What’s the date on that story? Can you try marking it as unread and read and does it not stick immediately or does it take a few hours to become unstuck?

It just appeared as unread again. 04 Jul 2013, 10:37 am (don’t know TZ)

Looks like it gets unread status after feed update. See in statistics: last update 3 minutes ago.

Try this. Read the story, Insta-fetch the feed, then reload. It’s unread then?

Yes. It is unread then.

Finally, the item is gone. Have not seen it today, yet.

But I see other items popping up over-and-over in different feeds. So, looks like not just one feed problem.