The "mark read" pointer doesn't remember where you lock it

I keep the little orange pointer (memorably called “the Dorito” in another thread) that’s used to determine when a story gets marked read locked, because I don’t want stories to get marked read if I sweep the mouse pointer over them. I’d like to keep it locked near the top of the story pane so that even short stories get marked read when scrolled, but instead it gets plonked down apparently based on the actual size of the pane. Thus on every machine except my netbook, I’m constantly scrolling back to the top of some feeds trying to get that first story marked as read.


I’m not having this problem on my laptop. Using Firefox on Win7.

I should clarify: I mean from session to session.

Just tested this again. Went to a feed, unlocked, moved and locked the pointer, scrolled, closed the NewsBlur tab, opened a new one, went back to a feed, and the pointer was back where it was before I moved it.

What I’m trying to say is that that location should be saved persistently between sessions.

So this is bizarre. What’s your username and browser/os? It should absolutely be saving.

And I now call it the dorito, too.

Username ‘rdominick’. Firefox 9, on both Windows 7 and XP. I just tried it again on Chrome and it didn’t save the position either. The fact that it was locked, yes, but not where it was locked.

Hey, here’s an old post. This is happening to me right now, in 2013.

The little orange dohickey won’t stay where I lock it from session to session. It used to stay put. Just noticed it not staying put the last couple of days.