The DailyWTF feed is confusing NewsBlur's mark-as-read system

The current DailyWTF feed ( is playing minor havoc with the auto mark story as read thing - ie scrolling through the first story, the ‘current story’ marker is moving / marking as read other stories.

My first guess is that they’re possibly using the same CSS classes or ids as NewsBlur and things are getting a little confused.


I think I know the problem you’re describing, and it’s looking like it’s not a problem with the Daily WTF specifically, but a problem around slowly loading images causing the story positions to bump down, yet not get reflected in the cached story positions. I’m trying to figure out a better fix for this, since it happens to a few other feeds as well. Thanks for pointing it out. Let me know if it keeps on happening, since I do want to get this fixed, but it’s hard to always find good feeds that have tons of images that exhibit this behavior.

Your explanation does make sense. I resized the story view/story list and the problem went away for the DailyWTF - I assume the cached positions get updated at the same time, so the positions become correct.

The same thing happened with XKCD, so perhaps webcomic feeds will be a suitable test for this?