The feed has duplicate stories

I keep seeing duplicate stories in this feed:

Inspecting the feed manually, I do not see the duplicates, but maybe they are changing something dynamically in the feed?

I have tried removing the feed and adding it again, this made no difference.

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That’s weird. The feed I’m subscribed to is… and it looks fine. Then I checked and it’s 404’ing. They didn’t do a proper 301 redirect. So I fixed it and it led me to, which looks like it’s working fine.

They are doing something funky, since there’s no title on the new feed.

The whole transition from their old feed to their new one has been a bit of a mess.

I am subscribed to…, which still has the duplicates. I guess I should just unsubscribe and then subscribe to the one you linked to?

Hello! We are working on the feed. Please email if you’ve got other feedback or findings. Thanks!

Awesome, thanks BNR!