The android app automatically mark as read RED unwanted topics

All news titles that I marked with red show up normally when I first open the app, but if I refresh the app or close and open it again, the Android app marks all of those RED news as read, and I can’t even read them

This is really annoying, although I know that it is an article I will unlikely read or like, sometimes the author publishes something nice that I would like to read, but that uses a word that I want to avoid and marked as red.

I am unable to identify cases like this or read any RED news because the apps keep making them disappear every time.

Red stories are shown or hidden based on the reading filter.
Which reading filter are you using? (the ones on the home page at the bottom) Also do you have mark on scroll enabled?


“Unread only” Should also include Red trained news

None of that is an issue, and I am not talking about these features.
I do not have mark on scroll enabled