Thanks Newsblur!

I moved from G-reader a few months ago (when they made their sweeping changes) and have been loving the functionality and all of the improvements of Newsblur. I just wish I could get the Android app to function on my device as well.
Keep up the great work!!

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Hey there, I’m the developer of the Android app. Which Android device do you use? If you let me know what’s up, I’ll do my best to fix it. Thanks!

Hi Hanoran,
Thanks for your reply. I’m currently using a Droid Incredible (updating soon) Model ADR6300, Android Version 2.3.4.
Let me know if you need any other info.

If you can’t get the Android app working, you can use , the mobile-friendly web interface to Newsblur I developed.

Thanks, spiffytech! I’ll definitely check it out!

Hey Bruce,

As far as I can tell, Blar should work fine on that phone and Android version. Of course, I can’t tell you for sure since I don’t have one to test it on. Could you tell me what problem(s) you encounter more specifically? Are you unable to install it, or is the problem happening after you install? Hopefully I can get it sorted out.


Hey Hanoran,
I don’t have the app installed anymore. I did get a refund. I was able to install it and as I remember, it would not accept my log-in credentials.
Thanks for wanting to help.