Thank you Samuel for the new preference: wrap story content!

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Glad you like it! I’ll be taking preference ideas all next week, so if you’ve got some more ideas, I’m all ears.

Thank you very much. The grid view combined with this edge-of-screen-wrapping kills the solely advantage feedly had over your incredible service - so from now on my lifetime membership can be charged off lightheartedly.

OK, straight to your ears as requested: There’s already a preference “When opening a site: Open the first story/Show all stories”. Maybe you could add an analogical option for opening a folder/opening all stories? Why? Because of this: In grid view one gets a pleasing preview, so I chose “text” as the default view, should I decide to click on an article (=no need for the feed view any more). Which results in - looking at “all stories” or any folder - having to scroll through a oftentimes uninteresting text (because the first story opens by default) before one gets to the grid view of the unread feeds.

Preference for choosing mark as read on scroll for folders only, feed only, and folder + Feed. You can release it on the dev channel if you still want to continue testing the feature.