Thank you for the new Intelligence control!

Thank you for changing the Intelligence slider to an intelligence control. Looks great, works great, you can actually be confident when you click it that it wil do what it says. This is much better! I wasn’t aware how big a difference this little change can make.

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Thanks! I’m building in Stripe.js payments and needed a segmented control to switch between Paypal and Stripe.js. I figured it could be used here, too. It mirrors what I built in the iPhone app, difference being that the segmented control is built into the iOS UIKit.

Spending some time now, reading the latest feeds, I have a sugestion: I found that the color of the control contrasts too much with the rest of the application. It jumps out at you and grabs the attention in the corner of the eye. Maybe if you change it to a greyer color, it would blend in better.

Great input. Deployed a lighter version. I actually tweaked the living crap out of it, as you can see in the code commit:…

It’s better, but I think it could be greyed out some more… Try to make the color look like the buttons on its left, for Managing Newsblur and Add Site, see how that feels…