Thank you for not disimproving Newsblur

In German there’s a specific word for this - verschlimmbessern. It means breaking something by trying to improve it. Thank you for developing Newsblur gently as needed and not trying random improvements all over.


Thank you for the kind words! I hope you’re referring to, which I’ve tried to setup as a redesign that keeps the same design principles in mind as the original.

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I had a look at it just now and hadn’t visited it before, but YES, that exemplifies my thoughts exactly! It’s such a deliberate and measured development, any my extensive CSS customizations continue to “just work”.

Typisches Beispiel: Evernote. Newsblur läßt zwar auch einiges (nicht viel) zu wünschen übrig, aber es liefert seit Jahren verläßlich ab. Kann man wirklich mal “danke” sagen, dafür von mir an Dich auch ein “danke”!

I have the same thoughts as joffline
In this crazy period of modifying everything, it’s rare to see common sense and finetuning, people just slap a totally new design and that’s it.
Good approach, Newsblur.
Off topic: almost good, not happy about forcing a different font size in a specific setting, I have post on that.

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