Thank you for Newsblur!

Hey Sam!

I just wanted to say Thank you for the work with Newsblur, I’ve been trying to replace Google Reader with a number of various services for other a year… and have finally found that not only does Newsblur meet the features I was looking for, but exceeds them in a number of other areas (for example: training is awesome). My main complaint is it took me a year of being a paid member to figure this out…

Thank you!

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So glad to hear that. Thank you for this note and for going premium.

I agree. It’s better than Google Reader, which didn’t allow me to instantly fetch new feeds (force update).

Totally agree!


I’m glad that Google Reader died, Newsblur has been such an upgrade. Love the mobile app, and I’m constantly checking the web app.

After the recent post on finances, know that I would totally support you if you doubled the cost of premium- whatever it takes to keep Newsblur awesome :).

Of all the tests my readers Newsblur best.
Thank you!

I agree as well! Thank you. :slight_smile: