Text view of Mozilla's Firefox blog does not contain article text

When I use Text view, posts from Mozilla’s Firefox blog don’t show their text. (Instead I see a newsletter signup form from somewhere on the original post’s page.) Looking at the source of the most recent post, I can see that the article’s title and text do appear within a

, so according to the heuristics mentioned in the FAQ that should be enough to find it. Is there anything else I can suggest to the folks who run the blog to make sure the article text shows up in NewsBlur?


You’re right, it should be found. I updated the text extractor to look for the post class name and it should now work. I updated the story to reflect this. Thanks!

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By the way, this is the feed that I’m using: http://www.newsblur.com/site/6777825/the-firefox-frontier

Great, thanks Samuel!