Text view, in iOS app, has weird text bubbles above and below that eat the text

I’ve only noticed this for New York Times feeds, so I don’t know how prevalent it is.

Some stories, when viewed in Text view on iOS v3.6, sometime have a weird “text bubble” stretching all the way across the screen at the beginning and end of the Text view. The top bubble seems to eat the title of the story (but it’s obscured so it’s hard to tell), and the bottom bubble eats the last several paragraphs (I think but it’s hard to tell how much).

A good example is the story “Building Faces Wrecking Ball. So Does Couples’ Friendship.” http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/19/nyr… in the “NYT > Home Page” feed.

For that same story, the web version also has little bubbles (rounded rectangles) in the same places, but they are small, stand-alone, and don’t seem to eat any text.



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I assume you’re talking about the same issue from https://getsatisfaction.com/newsblur/…. The answer is that it has to with libraries outside my control. I can look for new libraries, and I occasionally do, but it’s harder than it sounds. Although it sounds pretty difficult to me.

It doesn’t look at all the same but it could be. Here’s what it looks like on the iPad
. This is the “top” version of the bubble, which is innocuous since it doesn’t “eat” any of the text.
You can see from the Original view that there’s nothing obvious going on in those places (though who knows what’s going on in the html)

The NewsBlur web version of this same item also has these “bubbles”, but they’re barely noticeable and don’t eat any of the text. You can also see that three paragraphs of text have been eaten by the iOS bubble.