Test flight install crashing and marking as read

So I’ve got the beta install running. It seems to have a problem with random crashing when I try to open a story from the Notifications. 2 of the times it has asked me to send off a bug report which I did.IOS 17.0.3 on IPhone 14 pro max.

Found a second interesting issue. When I have a large number of unread items. The app seems to fail to properly mark some of them as read. I land up 10 or 20 items that never properly sync as read. By large number of items I am talking 100 +.

Just to second issues with the Testflight install. I have been unable to get the beta application to open at all. Splashscreen or blank Newblur window will come up and then it crashes. I’ve sent maybe half a dozen error reports.

Thanks for reporting it! I’ve let @Dejal know and we should have a fix out soon.

Installed the update that was released today. Good news is the stuttering that was happening when I scrolled is gone. Bad news had another major crash when trying to open a story from notifications. I did send the crash report.

Do you have any ideas when an update to the beta version is going to be pushed. The crashing is becoming a little annoying. I have been sending the crash reports.