Terrible UI dislike red text on black mode

Currently, any dark mode has a news title header that is impossible to read unless the brightness is at its maximum. This happens with any words that are disliked by the user and highlighted on red.

Read texts on black backgrounds are a terrible UI choice, or at least that specific shade of red is too dark to be read on a black background.

I know the title/word is something I dislike, but I never know what unless I turn the max brightness back on and hurt my eyes doing so.

The red color should not be so dark red when the black mode is enabled by the user.

Can you post a screenshot of where this is happening?

That’s a trained story. That’s the part of the title that you trained to not like. Tap on the settings icon > train this story > see that part of the title is thumbs down.

I know…

And it’s impossible to read that red title.

Can that color be improved and less dark?