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Telegram is en vogue. But to read the channel’s posts is painful. There is a service which transforms channels to RSS, but they are charging a ridiculous amount of money (10 bucks/month). You, Mr. Clay, did it for Twitter. Will you do it for Telegram, too?


If developer time was free I’d say no problem. But looking at their API, it’s not clear to me what you want.

Honestly I’m not familiar with Telegram other than thinking it’s basically Whatsapp/Signal. Are there public rooms you want to follow? How would you subscribe to one in NewsBlur? What does that address/form look like? Would you have to authenticate over OAuth, ala Twitter and Facebook?

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Please have a look at this site: Generate Telegram RSS Feed RSS feed
One puts the URL of a Telegram-channel into the box, adds “/s/” (as shown in the examples below the box) and clicks “generate”. One gets an RSS-feed of the channel’s posts, which is easily added to Newsblur in the standard way. But, as I said, this site lets one do this only for 2 channels. More cost 10 bucks/month, which is insane.
For clarification: A “channel” is neighter a public room nor a private conversation, but a way for content-creators to post for an interested audience. No authentification needed, one subsribes to a channel in Telegram, that’s it. What I would like to do is reading the posts not in Telegram, but in our favorite Feedreader (-:

So is there free developer time? If yes - any further clarification needed? Tnx.

Telegram is supported by rss-bridge GitHub - RSS-Bridge/rss-bridge: The RSS feed for websites missing it

In the past I suggested to integrate rss-bridge directly into newsblur, which would bring support for telegram and many other sites Support RSS-Bridge


So this is interesting but - not for a dork like me. Could tell you everything you didn’t want to know about Kant’s “Prolegomena to any future metaphysics”, but this “bridging” is something I’m not able to put in execution. So please, Mr. Clay, Mr. Wizard of RSS, help us out!

Please let me know if you got the idea. I’ll be content with “no developer time left” or “not enough interest”. Thank you.

I really like the idea of integrating RSS Bridge, but when I attempted to do it last, it didn’t look like it was easy to hook up NewsBlur’s add site dialog with how RSS Bridge expects input.

Once the beta site launches, I’ll be reprioritizing the next features. Something like this is high on the list.

Thank you!