Tap & Hold on Image = Download Image to Photo Library

I love NewsBlur! It’s much faster than my previous iPad RSS client, Reeder.

My biggest gripe is the inability to downloads images contained in posts via NewsBlur.

In Reeder you pinch zoom an image to make it full screen, then tap once to bring up a contextual menu with an option to “Save to Photo Library”.

Can you make a tap & hold on images in posts bring up an option to “Save to Photo Library” similar to Safari? I can’t be the only one who would find this feature incredibly handy. The current method to save pictures is quite cumbersome: open post, send to safari, save image from within safari.


I think the iOS app are in great shape. I’m working on offline for iOS, but that still doesn’t fix your issue of downloading images. I’m going to figure something out, since I also want to display the image’s alt text (xkcd, specifically).

Good shape? Really? You need to add gestures. A swipe to the right to mark something as read. A swipe to the left and you can save it or email it or whatever. Pulling down from the top story, from the top story refreshes the feed (like what Mail does on iOS)

The way it works now…ugh. It’s terrible.

Again, I’d rather have a GOOD iOS app that pretty much copies the UI of Reeder than this offline mode which I have little or no interest in. Given that there is only ONE other iOS app that even supports NewsBlur, getting the iOS app better should be a top priority.

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@ericdano: I totally agree with your post. It will be crucial for the success of Newsblur that we ́ll get a fine reader app for iOS. Look at the Feedly universe!!!

I’d like to add my voice to the crowd for the downloading of images in the iOS app. I would very much like that.

Also in response to cool246’s comment on Feedly. Newsblur and Feedly may both read rss but they are far and away different products. I would equate Newsblur to a power user’s tool and Feedly with more of a mass consumer, low feature, high aesthetic product.

All that said, boy i wish i could save images in the newsblur app!

Welp! Easily saving photos from my feeds is a deal breaker. I went back to “Reeder 2” and couldn’t be happier.

Yeah, the iOS app is really lagging I think. I mean, I like the responsiveness of NewsBlur, and using ReadKit on my Mac has made everything great for me. But the iOS apps…no swiping/gestures. Nothing. And the big thing was Offline reading or something. Not really interested in that. Just would like something where I could like swipe to the right to send stuff, or favorite it, or whatever. The interface on the iOS thing is just not happening.

Sadly I know what you mean. Any feeds that i have for the purpose of image collection I do actually keep in Feedly for that very reason.

Heh, I’m a tech junky so the fancy UI stuff isn’t a concern. For me personally its functionality first, UI later.

Well, I just got gestures in (although they’re not done, but the meat is there), so this might happen. I’m going to override every image link, however, so that you’re presented with a dialog to either follow the link or save the image.

It would be better to have the default behaviour do the expected activity. You could have a touch just follow the link and a long touch either save the image or have the dialog box. This approach would also avoid having an extra dialog box for the standard web behaviour.

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