Tags not updating

Add or remove a tag in a story’s “Saved” area, nothing happens. The counts in “Saved Stories” in the left nav do not change. When I refresh the list for that tag, the same stories are there and their tags unchanged.

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More info:

  1. Page refresh helps, sometimes (of course, this is just a work-around and shouldn’t be necessary).

  2. Some of my tag changes are for renaming with different capitalization (e.g. “art” to “Art”). Could be coincidence, but I notice that these tend to get stuck more often.

I also notice that the URLs are all lowercase, so this will likely lead to confusion somewhere. What I would really like for this case is a “tag rename” feature.

I’m having the same problem. For me, it seems to only not work when tagging old items, i.e., sorting my saved items by oldest and trying to tag those.

I can’t seem to reproduce the issue with tagging old saved stories. I’m able to successfully tag old saved stories and the counts update in real-time. 

Renaming tags is something I’d love to write. And tags should be case insensitive, but that isn’t handled as gracefully as I’d like. It defaults to the capitalization you used at first, and then forces all uses of that tag into the original capitalization. But it’s not perfect and I need to smooth it over.

Thanks for quick reply! After further testing, I’ve found I can tag some old stories, but for the majority I can’t. These are saved stories starting from 2009, imported from Google Reader. Some stories I can consistently tag, though. For example, my oldest saved story, the tags don’t update. But for the third oldest one, the tags do consistently update in real time.