Tags don't show up on a free account

I’ve lots of saved stories, that can’t be saved to folders, which is a problem by itself… Please let us do this.

I tried solving that by expending a whole hour by adding tags to separate things into categories, only to know that when I open a tag, nothing shows up… Is this a bug or something that I have to request to be created/available?

I’m really upset that I lost so much time in a feature that can’t be used or see anywhere, all it does it count how many articles I added to a tag? This is the most pointless and needless feature ever in that case.

Newsblur doesn’t even offer any advanced organizing/search fields to mass search for or mass change tags, which is also something that I request now.

Another minor issue is that I can’t even rename the tag after it’s created, I wish I could rename it, just like I rename a folder on Newsblur.

You’ll need a premium account to use saved story tags. I’m surprised you don’t see a dialog or notice that you’ll need to upgrade to use that feature.

Renaming tags is a good idea and something we should support.

Yes, the notice didn’t show up when I tried to create a tag, so I think that this is probably broken and not working even for paid users.
I tried creating a new account just to test that, but NewsBlur kept failing and I wasn’t able to create a new account.

You weren’t able to create a new account? What error did you see? I see new accounts being created, so it’s not broken for everybody.


No errors, simply nothing happened