Tag feedback

Loving the tagging of saved stories Samuel, just some feedback that’s hopefully useful:

  1. Feed mode when going through my saved items, doesn’t size each story correctly (see attached)

  2. Case sensitivity on tags, appears I now have “humour” and “Humour” distinct tags - get the impression you’re likely to add options for bulk renaming tags based on the little menu arrows on each tag. My preference is for case insensitive but I can live without that if I can easily rename existing tags

  3. If the window at the bottom (with all the saved stories) could have a column for tags, that’d be fantastic.

  4. Is there a search function somewhere? I’m sure I saw it mentioned but can’t find it at the moment.

Great work, many thanks.


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  1. This is a known issue, but it’s kind of hard to track down. I can’t find a consistent pattern, so it’s some sort of race condition that I need to root out.

  2. I haven’t made up my mind on case sensitivity. I think it should be sensitive, since it should preserve your case. I will eventually add rename, but not immediately.

  3. Not sure what this is in reference to. You see your tags at the bottom of the feed list, yes?

  4. Search is in the upper-right of the Feed view.

After my testing it seems that search does not act on the tags though. I’m actually torn as to weather I would like it to or not. If you add search on tags then you get into the area of people wanting to types of searches that are inclusive of more than one tag and all sorts of messy things.

Ohh, yeah, search doesn’t use your tags, since you can just click on them. Would be easy enough to change, but I don’t think that’s what you want.

  1. See attached, if I could see the tags associated with each saved story, in the story list itself, that’d make it easier to quickly sacn through.

  2. Found it, thank you

  3. In the nice to have category: Being able to save ad-hoc URLs, rather than just data from a feed. Achieve that and I can close my delicious account for good :slight_smile: I appreciate that might be far out of scope.

These tags really are excellent.

I’ll keep chucking these out there as I come across them, feel free to file away/ignore.

  1. “Jump to next untagged story” - as I go back through 300 odd saved stories, this’d speed up finding where I’d got to.
  1. Appears to occur over time - added tags to about 30 posts in a row before subsequent posts started to get letterboxed. Flipping back to the home page and back to Saved Stories cleaned it up again

On the topic of tagging I think it might be prudent to ask:

“What is the retention policy on tagged items” ?

If we start to use NewsBlur as a story archive how long should we expect to have the items retained?