Tag Clouds and other analysis visualizations

First, glad we’ll be seeing these new features soon.

Any chance that you’ll implement tag clouds and other analysis visualizations?

For example, I track economic and business news–specifically unemployment and the mortgage market (especially the past five years of scandal and fraud); since I collate and analyze events from a variety of feeds, what I really need is the ability to analyze trends within a specific tag, like “mortgage_fraud.” One thing that would be really useful is to see a tag cloud of all the other tags assigned to any news item that uses the tag “mortgage_fraud.” But I’m sure there’s also a lot of other open-source visualizations and analytics that can do things I haven’t thought of either. Could features like these possibly be in the works somewhere down the road?

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Due to the sheer cool factor of having visualizations like this, if I hear or come up with any good ideas, I’ll push them to the top of my priority list. I actually have a new running priority list every month, clearing out the old and escalating new features as I see fit.

I love the idea of measuring the association between tags and making it easier to train feeds. I could see this featuring prominently in the feed trainer and individual feed intelligence classifier dialogs.

Now, NewsBlur already shows all of the tags that it finds from a feed in the Feed Trainer dialog. The only real difference is that there would be weights between tags, showing relationships. It’s neat, and I’m thinking of building it just like that, but I’m not sure it presents any new information.

If you have other visualizations ideas, throw them at me. I would *love* to get some visualizations going. And not just in a separate tab, but weave them into the dialogs and trainer.

Awesome, Samuel! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you come up with; I definitely like the idea of integration with the feed trainer, as I also have many feeds from academic journals that are, for the most part, completely separate from my news feeds. Keep up the good work!