Sync Site Sidebar with Story Titles

Great reader … I’m a refugee from GR, forced out by an unreadable redesign. I went Premium last night. I do have a suggestion:

Sync the Site Sidebar with the story titles, so that when you use keyboard shortcuts, and press “N” for the next new story, the Site Sidebar slides to reveal the site. Not a big deal, but that would allow complete keyboard-only navigation through the stories (I am currently following 159 blogs, but add more weekly).

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Interesting idea! I like it, but does it sync only when using keyboard shortcuts? I’d hate to lose my feed bar scroll position if I accidentally mouse over the story on the side.

I guess it would depend on how you read; I have all my feeds categorized into folders, and read them from top to bottom using the “Feed” view for most feeds. For someone who has them organized and read them by “latest post”, I suppose it would cause the sidebar to scroll constantly. I guess it would have to be a configurable item.