Sync select articles to e-reader or Pocket

Pocket comes standard on Kobo e-readers. Possible to integrate with pocket to link online articles found through NewsBlur to easy-to-read devices or just to archive system like Pocket?


I’m planning to integrate Pocket soon (actually this is part of a much bigger feature that’s now starting to get worked on). But I’m not so sure about supporting kobo/kindles, since it’s a ton of work for very few users. I can only spend so much time on different priorities, you know?

But the big feature I’m working on might just help you out, so stay tuned.

Hey, that’s awesome.
I know pocket is supported by a load of different devices, so you don’t need to focus on specific devices.
I really love the service already - will definitely be signing on to the Premium version when I can.
Keep up the good work!