sync of read items is very unreliable

sync of read items is very unreliable

at work i am switching alot between my ipad and iPhone, i have a pretty stable 3g connection, but the sync between iPhone and ipad app (and readkit on os x) is very unreliable, i get the ‘cannot mark as read’ error a lot, and i find myself re-reading the same articles again when i switch to an other device. Even when i do not get any ‘cannnot mark as read’ errors the sync between devices is very slow and i usualy see the same feeds again when i switch devices.

i had no problems when i was still on google reader with the reeder apps in the same situations. i love newsblur for its functionality, but the sync is making it unusable for me atm.


You’ll love the new beta for the ios app, which does a great job at syncing read items. But the issue I have with this thread is that there is currently no such thing as sync on ios. The server is the source of truth and the ios is a pretty dumb client that stores no state.

Anyway, the new beta has a concept of local state, and if it cannot mark a story as read, it holds onto it until the next time it can connect successfully. This happens transparently. You can download it now by hitting on your ios device.

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I’ve encountered this issue on Feed Reader for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. I first noticed it when some of my unread counts went negative. On a hunch, I logged into the browser interface, checked the unread counts (they were correct), and then opened Feed Reader again. Presto! Synched unread counts.

sorry if sync does not describe the problem exactly, i am no programmer just a user.

i will test the beta and report back, thanks again for the great apps

the beta did fix my problems, no more ‘could not mark as read’ errors, and when i grab another device the feed is up to date

i like the new status bar at the bottom too!
thank you

2 small bug i encountered with the beta:

  • i cannot unsave stories
  • when scrolling through unread items it often keeps going when at the end of the list and goes through read ones too (so i never see the expected done button)

Very nice! I like how it downloads items to read later; will be nice when reading as the train goes into the tunnel (losing wireless connectivity.)

When did Apple start allowing developers to directly host betas like that? I’ve always had to go through TestFlight or something like that; I thought all of the UDIDs had to be registered first.

Is there a dedicated thread for testing the beta and reporting bugs? It crashed on me once when I tried to delete a feed.