Sync issue with new Android app?

So I enabled the ‘keep stories after reading’ option in the new version…mostly out of curiosity, not entirely clear what the idea behind it is, but I opened the app this morning, and in the feed list, the unread counts for all my feeds are correct. When I click a feed though, in addition to the new entries, all the feed entries from yesterday, which I read on the desktop, are there as well, and bold as if they were unread. Is this the intended behavior of the new feature, or a bug with it?


With the beta, I am often (but not always) seeing greyed-out previously read items in my feeds/folders, even though “Read filter” is set to “Unread only”. I don’t have the “keep stories after reading” option enabled.

I just disabled the option, cleared data, and started over, and it is still happening. This is just speculation at the minute, but it seems to be an issue with whatever stories get downloaded on the initial sync when you select the download stories option.

Also I’m maybe guessing on understanding the keep stories option…it just saves copies of the read stories, instead of having to download them if you view all stories, scroll down, and the app just has to download old stories as you scroll? How long does the app save them for? (assuming I’m right if that’s what the feature is for) There is of course the storage warning below the option, but if the stories are saved forever with no cutoff, storage might eventually become a problem

Yep, “keep stories after reading” just means that already-read stories aren’t removed during periodic cleanup, in case offline users want to be able to go back through older stuff.

Otherwise, already-read stories are cleaned up about once every 10 minutes or when you do a manual sync from the front page.

Ooh, this sounds like a bug. They should not show up if you are on Unread Only. Adding it to the list.

I just checked again, fresh data clear, made note of which feeds had unread stories upon opening…some if not all of the stories pulled down on the initial download linger in the feed, even if i mark the feed as read, on either the desktop or app…they just need to be individually read by the app to clear.

also, every time i click all stories in the app, the loading animation spins forever and ever without ever completing, and when i hit back to go to main screen, manually clicking refresh no longer works

upon further review…its not just from the initial sync…any stories (whether the app is foregrounded, or if it downloads them in the background) that get downloaded but are read on the desktop stay in the unread pseudo-limbo (pseudo-limbo because the main newsblur window reflects the correct unread count)

One last clarification bit of info/confirmation…if you instantly read something on the desktop before the app has a chance to cache it, then (somewhat obviously, I suppose) there is no problem.

Well I thought that was my last post but alas there’s one more…cleared data again, started fresh, didnt enable download stories, and it’s still happening…so it’s not just the new feature, seems to be app-wide.

so tldr…any stories that the app downloads, which are then read on desktop, only get “half-synced”…unread counts are correct in the main screen of the app, but if you go into the feed, the stories appear there as unread, even if you repeatedly manually sync, and even if you mark the entire feed as read, both in the app and on the desktop…they have to be read in the app to get cleared

What android version, device, and network type are you using? Is your account premium? What options do you have enabled?

Thanks for beta testing. This is exactly the sort of stuff we are looking for!

CyanogenMod 11 M9 (4.4.4), ART, galaxy nexus, only used wifi so far. Not premium account, and only have show content preview and show public comments enabled

Have you tried disabling ART?

Also, what does the status overlay (the little text bar at the bottom of the main screen) say when sync gets stuck?

Will test with dalvik later…in the meatime, as for the other question, there is no overlay when I go into all site stories, just the spinning loading icon thingy. And then when i go back to the main screen, there is no overlay or any apparent action when I hit the refresh button

No change on dalvik

I should note, just for clarity re: the all stories bit…despite the loading spinner spinning in seeming perpetuity (and the manual refresh button not working once going back to the main screen), the stories do load and get properly synced/marked as read in the aforementioned all stories view

Found and fixed this one for the next version. Thanks for the report!

I found forcefully quiting and then loading the app again to trigger reloads.

The reload/refresh button does appear to work when there are no or no new stories when entering the app for the first time.

@jason - still trying to suss this out. I haven’t found a repro case on any of my devices yet, but I’m improving some of the sync handling code to be more verbose with errors. Look out for another beta release.

Looking forward to it soon.