Switching between Feed & Text in order to see content properly

I’m having to switch between Feed and Text, post to post, to properly see the content for a few sites. It happens with no rhyme or reason that i can tell. I’m using Safari 7.0 on Mavericks, plus it happens on my iPhone running iOS 7. Is there anything i can do to alleviate this?

Feeds for which i am having to do this:
Almost purely text content:
Almost purely image content:


So what’s the issue? Those view settings should be sticky on a per-feed basis.

Also, you can quickly and temporarily switch to the Text view by hitting command+enter. When you move to the next story, it’ll switch back to the Feed view.

But i don’t understand why i have to switch on a post by post basis. Some posts in a feed (especially the Not Always Right feed) display correctly on one setting but not the other