Swiping on images brings up "image menu" sometimes

When swiping left and right over an image, sometimes it goes to next/prev story, but sometimes it brings up the image menu with “view and zoom/copy image/save to camera roll”.

It seems inconsistent and I almost never mean to bring up the image menu, I really want to scroll.

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If you’re using a 6s/6s Plus, make sure you’re not triggering the menu via Force Touch.  (Personally I find the threshold to very seldom trigger an inadvertent menu appearance, but then again I implemented the feature with my fingers in mind :slight_smile:

I think maybe the pressure sensitivity is not respecting the “Settings / General / Accessibility / 3D Touch” setting.  Changing it to “Firm” doesn’t make it harder to open the image menu.

In fact, it requires quite a bit more “Force Touch” to get a menu to open from the main screen on apps like Mail and Safari than the image menu in News Blur.  For me, even with extremely light touch, it still sometimes opens the image menu.  Cool feature, but very distracting the way it works (for me).

Unfortunately those thresholds are not available to NewsBlur; either NewsBlur could have its own settings or I could make the default threshold require a bit more pressure.  I’ll try the second one and see how it goes…

I’m not sure if you made changes for 5.0.3, but it’s a lot better now.

Yep, Nicholas added device-dependent sensitivity to the 3d touch. Should work a lot better now.

Yup, I did implement the 2nd option.  Glad it’s working better for you!