Swiping error on Newsblur for Android 3.5

When reading stories and swiping to new stories, after a few swipes all remaining unread stories disappear and a marked “read”. (Android 4.4.2 on Nexus 4)


Welcome to version 3.5! Lots of people are having issues. Word is a new update will come out early next week.

Trying to reproduce this or track it down.

Are the stories actually marked read on the server? That is, do they all appear read when you go to newsblur.com?

In what reading mode are you experiencing this? All Stories, blurblog, folder, or single feed? Unread only or all? Newest first or oldest first?

In the two instances where I checked, the stories were marked read on the server as well as in the app.

I get this issue in multiple feeds in mode Single Feed, Unread Only, Oldest First. (I don’t use any other mode.) In feeds where many articles are unread, this bug (for me at least) doesn’t mark them *all* read, but just the next ~6 or so.

When this happens, the correct next article is usually visible for a fraction of a second, and then replaced by a new article ~6 places further along the feed.

I have an issue that sounds identical using the folder view, unread only, oldest first. (I use single-feed mode occasionally but not often enough to see the problem, perhaps.)

ETA Samsung Galaxy S3, 4.1.2; Nexus 7 (2013), 4.4.2.

Noticed this since update. I reading by select a group of feeds and opening first item, then swiping left for next article. I do sort of speed read/scan the articles and swipe quickly. Tend to get about 30 articles in then get blank article and cannot swipe left any more. Pressing back to article list gives me the last 10 or so articles not read and no read entries in list at all. Plus I’m on the last article.

Really weird behaviour.

I’m getting this same (or similar) issue on my Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.2. I haven’t checked to see how many articles end up getting marked as read in my account when the error happens.

the same problems with the new update from 8.1. - Galaxy Tab 3 - 8

Update to fix this should be out tomorrow sometime.

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Thanks, Sam. Even though speed hasn’t been a huge issue for me, I appreciate the efforts at improving it and am willing to deal with some temporary bumps in the road.

Not sure if 3.5.3 is the wednesday update youre referring to but the end of list entry getting dumped is still there

My app just updated and this problem still exists. I use a Samsung Tab 3 with oldest stories first showing only unread.