Swipe to navigate between stories quits working on iOS after 11 stories

Sometime in the last week my app upgraded to the latest version. That build fixed the ability to scroll down in articles, however, it appears to have broken the ability to swipe to navigate between articles. I can swipe through about 11 articles and then as I swipe I can see the next article, however, as I continue to swipe to the left the story snaps back.

If I exit the feed list and then re-enter it, I can swipe through another 11 articles before it stops. 

Incidentally, if I swipe from the left (e.g., navigate backwards through articles), I do not encounter this problem.

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This has been fixed and will be submitted for review probably tomorrow.

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By the way, hit the Next Story button to get around the issue.

Thanks for the fast reply. Glad to hear this is a known problem and a fix is in the works. Thanks for the work around - - although my short stubby thumb has a hard time reaching the Next Story button.

BTW - I have to be honest and admit I completely forgot about the Next Story button… :wink:

This issue has been driving me nuts! So glad there’s a fix on the way! Thanks.