Suggestion: Show a warning at the top of articles that come from yahoo pipes feeds

Yahoo Pipes is going read-only on August 30, 2015, and offline on September 30, 2015.
I would suggest displaying a small warning somewhere (maybe at the top of each story? Feed icon?) that indicates this story came from a Yahoo Pipes feed ( and stop working in the near future.

Just a thought!

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Can’t you identify them by the feed icon?

I’m with Hampus on this. Most of the time when a service discontinues RSS (Facebook, youtube, etc), they publish a final story that says so.

I think the feed icon is a generic Yahoo! “Y”, so if there are other feeds from Yahoo they may be indistinguishable. As far as publishing a final story, because the content of the feed for Yahoo Pipes are user generated/defined (as opposed to publisher-defined in the case of Facebook/Youtube) or because they don’t see value, I suspect they won’t publish a final story. Just a hunch.

Anyway, this wasn’t specifically for my benefit. I can easily find which of my feeds are from Yahoo Pipes (mostly because I created the pipes). This suggestion was for the benefit of users who might not even know they’re using Pipes and thus their feeds might silently stop working in 2 months.

I agree with Pablo, without his post here I’d never have known it was shutting down, and I’ll bet 99% of other pipes users are in the same boat.

I never go to the pipes website, I’ve never given them my email, and pipes isn’t big enough for this to make the news.  For most people the first they’ll know about it is when it stops working.

Given that pipes does a lot more than just RSS and is very complex, I doubt they’re going to force an extra item into all the feeds.

As the (soon to be former) maintainer of the SMBC + Red Button Bonus Image Yahoo Pipe feed, I wholeheartedly support this. I’ve just changed my feed with a notice to migrate to a new replacement feed of my own making. I don’t think the other pipes would get that same treatment.

But the problem is that you rely on the pipes feed maintainer to make something else. Most pipes don’t have that option. We’ll have to wait and see what happens when they are discontinued in two months, I have a feeling they’ll add something to the feed.