Substack Newsletters format change? Sections not rendering

It looks like substack have changed some of their HTML around 1st June 2022.

Newsletters are now not longer properly rendering. What I am seeing is that sections are being condensed into just a link or a header. Happened across two of the substacks I subscribe to. Inspection of the HTML shows a bunch of new headers (right at the top of the file) in the the new version.

If I go to the email, extract the HTML part and view locally in my browser it works okay. So I assume it is an interaction with the newsblur website.

Sample link (probably not viewable to anyone except the admin). The “great” “copy” at the top are whole paragraphs

Can you post two screenshots of the newsblur view of the email and your mail readers view?

Ok, I think I found the issue. Looks like they added a <text> element around text, so I added it to a allowlist for the HTML sanitizer. It won’t work retroactively, but future newsletters should come in correctly. Let me know how that works out.

I got one an hour ago ( 19:15 UTC on the 7th) and it still seems to have the problem.

Still not quite there. The content in elements is still not showing up.

I’ve subscribed to the newsletter and will see if I can reproduce the bug. This may take a bit of time, but ping me in a week or two if it’s still happening, since there’s a bunch of steps I need to take to make the debugging work correctly for a newsletter.

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Hi. Just a followup but this seems to be rendering correctly now. It came right around the start of this week but I was giving it a couple of days to settle.

Thank you for the fix.