Subscriptions lost

Hey, it looks like something really bad happened to my account: I lost most of my subscriptions (like 90% of it), and I have some bogus one (like about “Cooking”).

Can you check what happened? Did I get hacked, or is this some weird bug?
[account is same as my email address here]

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The bug is that I upgraded the SSL certificates and that logged a few people out. Just reload NewsBlur and you should be OK.

What you’re seeing is the Demo account’s feeds.

What browser/OS are you using? Specifically what version number for your browser? Is it Safari?

Usually using Chrome on OSX 10.10
This manifested in Chrome on Win8.1

The problem did disappear now, I’m back on my account as usual.

I did clear all cookies today, before this happened.

So issue closed for me, just a temp scare :slight_smile: