Subscription cancellation and refund

I haven’t been using newsblur for the past 1.5 years (check my login history) and just realized that I’m still subscribed with a recent PayPal charge. Can you please refund this subscription charge? I’ve already canceled my premium account.

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The same happened to me today. Please refund and cancel my subscription.

Actually, I see that I was billed last year and the year before but I never received any notification so I had no reason to cancel or ask for a refund. I’ve never even used Newsblur. I checked it out for a few minutes three years ago when Google Reader got shut down. You should be able to confirm that by my account activity. I had to look up what Newsblur even was when I got the notification this morning. I have been getting billed without my knowledge all this time. Please refund not just this year’s billing but the previous two billings. Thanks.

Same here, you’d THINK canceling a subscription would REMOVE the automatic renewal charge. If this happens AGAIN in a year I raising this shit to the top.

Hey everybody, I am happy to provide refunds for anybody who asks, regardless of the year. But please email me your username:

Canceling your subscription in the Account dialog works, so long as it replies with “Your subscription will no longer automatically renew.” It does not show you that you already cancelled when you return to that dialog. That should change with a database migration, which has to be prioritized.