Subscribing to Twitter lists?

Is it possible to subscribe to Twitter lists from Newsblur?

Nope, not yet. If anybody would like to see this, please respond here!

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Would be nice to have

This would be really good feature, +1 from me.

I would find this useful.

I would find this useful as well. +1 from me too.


Love the idea, this is now live!

Here’s a sample Twitter list you can use to bootstrap your collection of lists:

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By the way, if there are other URL formats for lists that I should know about, please let me know. I saw another style but it redirects to this /i/### style, so it’s the only way to get a list right now.

This no longer works, for me, presumably because of changes to the API and authorisation. Is there any chance you will be able to bring it back?

Elon Musk killed previous API access; now there are fees and no RSS service accesses Twitter feeds now. Here’s Feedly talking about their dropping Twitter feeds back in April:

I guessed as much, although a friend told me that Readwise still has the ability to display Twitter lists.

No matter.

In Readwise you can export from Twitter but not import from Readwise.

You can also export up to 800 of your previously saved Twitter bookmarks into Readwise.