Subscribing to a site: Please give shortcuts?

Ideally I’d like to be able to right-click on an RSS link and be given an option to subscribe with NewsBlur, followed by a pop-up with the choice of folders to add the feed into.

Currently the best option in Firefox is to add NewsBlur as the default feed reader, but that means when I click on an RSS link I’m redirected to the NewsBlur web app to add the feed, and then I have to find my own way back to the site I was reading.

Not very cool …

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Hrm, lots of work implementing what you’re looking for. But good news! I built a bookmarklet that does exactly what you want. Go to > Manage > Goodies and add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar. Use that to subscribe to sites directly from the site itself. Hooray!

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Thanks Samuel that’s perfect. Color me a rainbow variety of solved :slight_smile:

That solution does not appear to be available.

How DO we subscribe?

dev is no longer there, so just go to > Manage > Goodies. It’s at the top.