Subscribe to Soundcloud profiles

As the title suggests, wouldn’t it be nice to subscribe directly to a Soundcloud profile? Similarly to subscribing directly to YouTube & Twitter profiles.

Ideally, it would be possible to Train the feed across All/Tracks/Albums/Playlists/Reposts categories like you can do in Twitter for Likes/Replies/Retweets etc. Or even across each track’s #tags.

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Very annoyingly, SC currently requires artists to each enable and then share their unique RSS feed with you:

There have been some 3rd party attempts to write a service that connects to your SC account and publish your personal subscriptions as a feed ( comes to mind), but last I played with them, they work very unreliably. :frowning:

Yes, I’ve tried some of them too, without much success (other examples are the free which didn’t work for me and the paid which might work but needs a registration). My idea was to treat a SC profile as a “normal” RSS source, even though it is not one. Thus the Twitter/YouTube analogy which AFAIK do not supply RSS feeds.

I don’t know how Newsblur makes sense out of Twitter & YouTube pages. Maybe SC profile pages are different in such a way that make it impossible or highly impractical to parse them as RSS feeds?

Or maybe the need isn’t widespread enough :slight_smile: