Subfolders with same name under different parent folders treated as duplicates by your system

First, I want to congratualte Newsblur for your reading platform. I literally tried about 6 services (web, email client, applications, etc) and only yours was a good product, and by good I mean simple, yet powerful enough to allow me to organize my reads all in one place.

Having said that, I have a problem to report to you. I’m in Mexico, so as I was organizing my feeds, I create Español and Inglés folders within categories. Well, I discovered that if there are two subfolders with the same name but under differerent parent folders, your system gets confused and treats both as the same folder. Thus, when I added a feed to my Inglés folder in Noticias, it also added it in my Inglés folder in Emprendimiento, etc. It took me a while to understand that that was the problem. At first I kept noticing that the feeds I’d added were getting replicated in different folders, even though I hadn’t done it.

I have some images I can send you if you wish.

Good luck with the project, I really love it. I expect to become a premium user in the next few days to support your product.


Julián HR


Yup, a known limitation. It’s way too much work to fix, although I have handled many of the situations when you have the same folder title. Your best bet is to just change the folder titles so they’re unique. So in your case, just repeat the parent folder name:

  • Sports:
  • Sports (English)
  • Sports (Spanish)

etc. Hope that helps!

Thanks for you comment. I hope you can fix this in the future though, since having the ability to nest folders sorta demands that this should work. For instance, I ran into this problem and tried to delete one folder with the same name as another, and the result was that all feeds in every folder with that same name were removed, so I had to manually re-add them all.

Maybe change your system to store the full folder path for subfolder names or something like that.