Stuck unread articles in my account

I have one unread article indicator in my shared stories and one in my “Apple” folder and neither will show up if I click on those folders. I can’t get the unread counts to go away.

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Oops- I forgot to include my username: farktronix

Did you click through to the feed that is holding the story? Can you find the story by changing Oldest/newest and Unread/all?

The unread article in the Apple folder was under the Daring Fireball feed, but that feed just updated and had a new item, and reading that item caused the unread count to go to zero.

The unread article under Shared Stories is under “The People Have Spoken”, but I don’t see the unread article in any of the recent items.
I clicked “Next unread item” and it loaded older articles but it loaded pretty slowly, so I only had patience to wait until it got back to October of last year. It looks like there may be an unread article in that feed with a bad date that just showed up (this feed didn’t have an unread item in it yesterday when I checked it)